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Start Time7:30 AM
Dismissal2:30 PM
Half Day Dismissal11:30 AM
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Our goal is to work collaboratively with the community to provide a safe space to learn and grow for students, staff, and their families.
Cheatham is proud of their awards and accomplishments.
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Cheatham students participate in a number of activities to serve the community
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  • Donate to Laveen Schools and Claim a Credit on your 2022 taxes

    You can reduce the amount you owe in state taxes by making a donation to Laveen schools through Arizona’s Public School Tax Credit Program. Tax credit contributions may only be used to support character education and fee-based extracurricular activities such …

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  • Color Run 2023

    The 2023 Color Run was a great success at Cheatham. Coach Nelson and the Specials Team did a fantastic job putting this event together for our Students.

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  • Notice of Governing Board Vacancy

    The Laveen Elementary School District (LESD) is providing public notice of the opportunity for the residents of the LESD to serve as a member of the Governing Board. There is one (1) seat available on the Governing Board …

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Hello Cheatham Parents and Students!

Welcome back to another exciting school year!   It is an honor to lead you into this school year and build on our past successes.  Thank you for putting your trust in our staff to help your child reach his/her full potential.  You can be assured that each day your student has access to rigorous core curriculum, supplemented with specials such as art, music and physical education.  In addition to curriculum, Cheatham staff will also focus on strengthening our community partnerships in order to provide a host of opportunities that give students and parents all the tools they need to learn and grow right here at Cheatham.  When schools and communities connect and collaborate, we create supports that leverage shared assets to help kids succeed in a safe and diverse community.

 Students and staff of Cheatham Elementary practice PAWS in their daily interactions.  PAWS stands for:

  • Practice Respect
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Work Together
  • Stay Safe

Parents, please familiarize yourself with the student handbook and go over it with your child to ensure a successful school year.  Please also review our website where you will find individual teacher pages, our calendar of events, and other pertinent information throughout the school year. 

I would also like to invite you to our Booster Club meetings so we can work together on behalf of your student. If you are interested in attending, please contact our front office.

Ms. Kristi Pashley

Cheatham Elementary School
4725 W. South Mountain Avenue
Laveen, Arizona 85339-9805
OFFICE 602-237-7040
FAX 602-237-3376

Why choose Cheatham ?


Our desire is to establish a school that works collaboratively with the community to provide a safe space to learn and grow for students, staff, and their families.   We are focused on building community partnerships in order to offer a range of support and opportunities that will give students and parents tools to improve learning, strengthen families, and promote the overall health of the community.

Partnering with families and local businesses will not only give our students access to the vast resources offered right here in the Laveen community, but will also give the students opportunities to be a resource for the community.  These resources will help Cheatham prepare students for entering school, maintain consistent attendance, encourage family participation, promote active involvement in the community, and ensure students are safe and healthy – physically, socially, and emotionally.  Our hope is that our students will be socially aware and active members of the Laveen community and ultimately any community they choose to be a part.

Meet our exceptional students & teachers

Cheatham is one of Laveen's 8 great elementary schools. See what makes them outstanding.