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Staff Contacts

Cheatham Elementary staff contacts are below. Click on the staff member’s name to be directed to their class webpage if available.

Grade Level/ Area Name Email Address
Principal Kristi Pashley
Assistant Principal Frincine Tait
Secretary Jennifer Silber
Attendance Clerk Dulce Guzman
Receptionist Leilani Vargas
Health Assoc. Yolanda Serrano
Psychologist Corey Nicholson
Counselor  Jasmine Tate
School Resource Officer Officer Garza
Cafeteria Manager Luz Chavez
District Nurse Mariela Fernandez
Health Associate Yolanda Serrano
Kindergarten Angela Scafaru
Kindergarten Maya Heuertz
Kindergarten LeShun Turnbull
1st Grade Taylor Hermann
1st Grade Kori Aroz
1st Grade Ainsley Angounou
2nd Grade Jennifer Buechel
2nd Grade Shaniene Turner
2nd Grade Jenna Getz
3rd Grade Christina Coronado
3rd Grade Mariel Mendez
3rd Grade Demetria Johnson
3rd Grade Amanda Moore
4th Grade Brittany Brown
4th Grade Jada Pomeroy
4th Grade Rachel Arnold
5th Grade- ELA Atena Flores
5th Grade-Math Dulce Bejarano
5th Grade-SCI, SS Olivia Lodes
5th Grade Briannah Matthews
6th Grade-ELA Kaitlin Long
6th Grade-SS Brent Clausen (ELD)
6th Grade-SCI Edith Lopez
7th Grade-ELA Julia Mister
7th Grade-Math Cecily Vanegas
7th Grade-SCI Lynna Schiller
8th Grade-ELA Amanda Shoumaker
8th Grade-SCI Stephen Gabaldon
8th Grade-Math Victor Cuccia
8th Grade-SS Michael Dees
P. E. Andre Billman
P. E. Jules Nelson
Art Megan Ruth
Music Jayland McDaniel
Band David Morrison
Technology Teacher Denise Demerson
Gifted Coach Faye Uttech
Resource K-5 Carrie Sankey
Resource 6-8 Devin Cain
Resource Sarah Butler
Special Education Frank Pinto
Special Education Kristen Clifford
Special Education Kevin Cohen
Speech Pathologist Roman Romero
Speech Pathologist Jessica Minjarez