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Spotlight Program

Cheatham Elementary School-Sustainability

Cheatham School is focused on partnering with the community to improve social,  economic, and environmental sustainability. Students will focus on specific components of sustainability based on their grade level.

In the early grades, students focus on social sustainability, primarily through volunteer and charitable activities that serve the greater community. At the middle level, students focus on economic sustainability, participating in Junior Achievement programs including BizTown USA and Career Days. In junior high, students in focus on Environmental Sustainability, taking the lead in campus initiatives such as recycling programs and community service projects.

Gardens thrive across the school campus thanks to the support of community partners. Cheatham is the recipient of the Blue Watermelon’s Chef in the Garden grant that brings local chefs to campus where they lead lessons on specific fruits, vegetables, herbs, or legumes and provide kits and recipes for the students to recreate.