Cheatham middle school girls attended the T.E.C is for Girls conference, sponsored by Intel, on September 22 at South Mountain Community College. The girls were exposed to technology, engineering, and computer science careers by rotating through a variety of workshops.

Workshops included What Meets the Eye, Exploring Coding, and How a career in STEM will change your life. These workshops allowed the girls to dissect an eye ball, utilize basic coding skills, build a speaker, and explore careers in STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The day ended by participating in activities with professional story tellers who gave the girls the skills to turn any narrative into a story.

This conference was just the beginning of an ongoing relationship between Cheatham, South Mountain Community College, and Intel. A club will be started at Cheatham and led by Ms. Shanine Turner to continue these experiences. The same group of girls who attended the conference will meet at least two more times during the school year to celebrate their successes.