Cheatham students in Grades 2-3 and 7-8 created greeting cards for wounded soldiers.

During the school’s Paw-to-Paw time, middle school mentors assisted their younger peers with the cards.

Cheatham first started sending cards to troops in 2017 after student council members attended a leadership conference. When they returned they wanted to find a project that would allow students in the lower grades an opportunity to work with students in the upper grades. “They thought a greeting card project would be the perfect way to bring grade levels together while sharing their appreciation for our soldiers who keep us safe,” explained student council sponsor Sandy Life.

Cheatham practices Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) which is a widely used approach to supporting positive behaviors with the intention of improving social, emotional, and academic outcomes for all students. Part of the school’s PBIS approach is “PAW to PAW” where older students mentor younger students regularly. PAW to Paw typically takes place on early release Wednesdays.

“This activity prompts students to work together while enhancing their creative and writing skills. At the same time, it supports strong character traits including sharing, caring, kindness, and showing gratitude,” Life added.