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Laveen Online Academy

Over the last year Laveen has found the online learning option to be a popular choice among families. In an effort to continue to meet this need, the Laveen School District will open a full online school, Laveen Online Academy, beginning with the 2021-22 school year.  For those students accepted, the Laveen Online Academy will be their new home school for the entire school year. Unlike this year’s Distance Learning Model, students will not have the flexibility to move in and out of online instruction.

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About the Laveen Online Academy

The Laveen Online Academy is designed with the individual needs of students in mind with the flexibility to adjust technology settings, customize learning experiences, create communication supports and offer content to meet the needs of different learning styles.

Using both synchronous and asynchronous learning, the LOA’s structure will include daily live teacher-led instruction, self-guided learning, and applications such as labs, group projects, and book studies.

Serving Grades 3-8, the LOA is best suited for the student who is self-motivated, demonstrates academic mastery of grade-level content and thrives emotionally in a virtual environment.  LOA students should have adult supervision during the school day, a designated learning space to engage in live lessons and complete assignments, and access to reliable internet service. Students enrolled in the Laveen Online Academy participate in online learning for the entire school year and do not transition to traditional on-site learning.

Program Structure

The LOA will utilize both synchronous (live teacher-led instruction, group work)  and asynchronous (self-guided, independent) learning.

The LOA structure is comprised of three learning modules:

  1. Prepare for Learning: Students will participate in self-guided learning prior to the live lessons. This may include taking a virtual field trip or pre-test.
  2. Daily Live Lessons: Students will be required to log in at a specific time and participate in 45 to 90-minute blocks of live instruction for each core subject area. This includes enrichment and small group work. Instruction will also be provided in special areas, including art, PE, and music.
  3. Learning Application: Students will participate in activities that reinforce the daily lessons. This may include labs, book studies, group projects, science projects, etc.

Student Success Time will be offered outside of the core instructional time for tutoring.

Instructional Delivery

Laveen Online Academy will be using the Canvas platform to provide virtual lessons with GoogleMeet embedded in the live lesson module. Canvas is a robust platform that serves as a hub for lessons, assignments, curriculum, and digital tools. Students will be able to navigate through their classes directly through the Canvas menus without opening multiple tabs or pages.

Additional Details

While housed at Estrella Foothills Global Academy (EFGA)  the Laveen Online Academy is its own school. LOA students are not enrolled in any other Laveen school nor do they receive programming specific to any of the district’s nine schools. Estrella Foothills only provides the space for on-site testing and opportunities for extracurricular activities. EFGA’s personnel provide administrative support and oversight while district-level teams develop content and offer technical support. Laveen Online Academy is a full-year program and students do not alternate between on-site and online learning.

State and some district assessments are required to be administered in person. LOA students will be required to take these exams on the EFGA campus. Additionally, families may need to visit the school to obtain instructional materials for upcoming lessons.

Parent involvement plays a critical role in the success of online learning. Parents are expected to be available during your child’s online learning to help guide them through the modules and ensure they are understanding the content. Parents/guardians of LOA students will be required to participate in a parent orientation at the beginning of the year.

Register for 2021-22

To register, families may begin the enrollment process using our online portalYou may also print registration forms from our website or pick them up from any Laveen school office.

To access the online portal, you will need to create a ParentVue account. If you already have a child in a Laveen school, you may use your existing ParentVue account. Please see the links below for assistance in navigating the registration portal.

Account Creation and Online Registration for New Families

Existing Families Registration Instructions

If you need assistance logging into ParentVue or navigating the portal, please contact LOA Instructional Coach JD Williams at or 602-237-9100 ext. 3064.

Required documents such as the child’s birth certificate, proof of residency, and custodial documents must be presented in person to EFGA’s front office to complete the registration process. Visit our Registration page for details.

Laveen Online Academy Brochure

Contact Laveen Online Academy

LOA is housed at Estrella Foothills Global Academy. Call us at 602-605-8550